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AFC Wimbledon believe that your personal safety has never mattered more.

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97% of women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment. 50% of people in the UK feel unsafe walking home at night. 36% of people in the UK feel increased anxiety about returning to work and life as normal.

£50 billion. That’s the cost of stress and poor mental health to businesses in the UK every year. Feeling safe is a huge part of feeling confident, healthier and happier with work. help me Angela’s technology can help your team feel safer and cared for by their company.

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Personal safety community

We believe feeling safe is your right not a privilege – we will provide players with real time safety alerts plus access to a range of awareness, education and training to help them #livesafer

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With our world class personal safety tech – whether you are watching a game or just going about your daily  business and you feel unsafe then simply shake your phone and one of our personal safety specialists will call you immediately.

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Players can request our personal safety specialists based in the UK’s first personal safety hub to follow them on their journeys; those late-night walks home from the training ground, the walk back from the station after the night out. – we are with you 24/7.


If you are a victim of an assault or abuse – we will be there for you with our unique recovery assistance program – We will provide you with treatment, counselling, support, legal advice and more to make sure you are fit and well.

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We combine brilliant tech with the best people in personal safety to help you #livesafer and be safer. We’ve got 24/7.

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