We started help me Angela to help people in the UK feel safer.

Our story began in 2020

We started help me Angela to solve a big problem: helping people feel more confident and safer in their everyday lives. As a team, we’ve all had moments where we personally needed help me Angela.

Listening to hundreds of human stories told us that too many incidents are going unreported and unsupported. We decided to do something about it.

The people behind the mission
Our team
Chief Ambassador
Michelle Roycroft

“At last there is a solution to help people feel safer both in and out of their home’s and if something does happen to them our incident recovery programme will wrap around them like no-one else can”

Operations Director
Elizabeth Culcay

“We have developed a solution like no other – in fact what we are delivering is a worlds first in personal safety – check it out – it is phenomenal”

Safety Hub Director
Sarah Adderley

“We have an expertly trained group of personal safety specialists ready 24/7 to provide immediate and real time assistance”

Social Media Manager
Macy Bird

“Following our comprehensive research across the UK, it was clear that a personal safety community is needed now more than ever. Whether you’re in your home or going about your day in your community, you have access to real people in the UK who will help you immediately. We all deserve to #livesafer.”

We've got you

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