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Middlesex FA believe that your personal safety has never mattered more.

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Personal safety community

We believe feeling safe is your right not a privilege – help me Angela will provide you with real time safety alerts plus access to a range of awareness, education and training to help you feel safer.

We’ve got you

With our world class personal safety tech – If  you feel unsafe simply press the ‘Help me’ button and one of our personal safety specialists will call you immediately.

Follow me

You can request our personal safety specialists based in the UK’s first personal safety hub to follow you on your journeys (only if you request this). Those late night walks home when you feel unsure- We’ve got you.


If you are a victim of an assault or abuse – we will be there for you with our unique recovery assistance program – We will provide you with treatment, counselling, support, legal advice and more to make sure you are fit and well.

Join the UK’s first personal safety community

We combine brilliant tech with the best people in personal safety to help you #livesafer and be safer. We’ve got 24/7.

What's included
  • The App
  • Access to 24/7 Live personal safety specialists
  • Follow me function
  • Safety alerts
  • Get me out of here assistance
  • Incident Recovery
  • Physical therapies
  • Mental therapies
  • Scar Repair
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Replacement of valuables
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    • Physical and rehabilitation therapies
    • Mental therapies (including recovery counselling and trauma recovery)
    • Post incident confidence programme
    • Dental treatment
    • Scar repair
    • Replacement of stolen items
    • Lock and key Replacement
    • Family support Expenses
    • Identity theft
    • Emergency accommodation
    • Additional recovery support
    *All the above points are subject to help me Angela’s Incident Recovery Programme terms and conditions

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*Help me Angela App and Recovery - Monthly subscription will renew at £4.99/month after the free trial. Terms and conditions apply.