Top Tips to Stay Safe Post-Lockdown

13 July 2021

The day we’ve all been waiting for is nearing; mask-wearing and elbow bumps will be a thing of the past. But, with that comes a lot of anxieties. Not only for fear of COVID but also for what awaits us in this new normal. 

Your safety, both physical and psychological, is the most important thing to consider during this transition. So, how can you stay safe post-lockdown? 


Take it at your own pace

Whilst some of us are itching to ditch the mask and be free, others may feel like it’s far too soon. Either way, it’s okay. Listen to your gut and do what feels right for you, don’t feel pressured to rush anything if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. This isn’t a race, you deserve to return to “normal” at your own pace. Equally, those around us deserve the same. Measures are lifting, yes, but respect the boundaries others appear to be setting for themselves. 


Keep belongings safe

It sounds obvious, but keep your belongings safe. After over a year of being locked inside, it’s easy to forget the dangers of pick-pockets. So, here are some quick tips to keep in mind: 

  • Keep your ID and keys in separate places, if someone gets access to your keys and ID they’ll know where you live! 
  • Keep purses secure and carry wallets in an inside pocket​ 
  • Zip-up handbags and shoulder bags​ 
  • Carry bags in front of you with the flaps against your body​ 
  • Don’t show your payment cards or cash – keep them safely in your pocket​
  • If someone tries to steal your belongings, don’t resist. Throw your belongings on the floor and run away in the opposite direction.


Communication is key 

In every scenario, communication is your best asset, whether that means telling a loved one where you are, or alerting someone nearby that you feel unsafe. However, it’s also really important for your psychological safety to stay connected with those around you. 30.9% of those surveyed said that the pandemic has impacted their mental wellbeing, and feeling disconnected is undoubtedly a factor that contributed to this. 


Personal safety app

The help me Angela app makes personal safety easy. If you feel worried or unsafe, all you need to do is simply press the ‘Help me’ button and one of our Personal Safety Specialists will try to call you immediately. 

Going back into the world post-lockdown can be daunting, but we can help with our Alerts feature. If you spot an incident, you can let the help me Angela community know. And, likewise, if they see something, you will see blue Alert pins on your app home screen. When you tap on them, you’ll see the details of each incident reported, too. We can help everyone feel safer, together. 

help me Angela is here to help everyone feel safer, and we’re coming sooner than you think. Sign up for our newsletter here for updates on our launch. 

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